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Puppy under the bed sheets at IOH Freestyle Hotels

Dog Friendly

Freedom means choosing who you want to travel with, and our Dog Friendly program means that your best friend is welcome here. If you have one medium-sized or two small dogs (that don’t weigh more than 20 kg between the two of them), they can share a room with you at an additional cost. To give your pet a warm welcome, we will provide a Special Kit that features a bed, a mat, and a dish that they can use throughout your stay. Come visit us, and enjoy our open spaces and our entire Freestyle experience with your favorite travel mate.

These are some considerations about our Dog Friendly Hotels program

  • Your pet must be small or medium size with a maximum weight of 20 kilos; You can also take up to two small dogs, as long as they do not exceed 20 kilos.
  • The cost is $ 800 MXN (plus taxes) per night, per room. This rate includes lodging for the dog and extra cleaning.
  • You will receive an Essential Kit that includes a bed, mat and plate that you can use during your stay. This returns when you check out
  • You must bring your food or contact the concierge to request it prior to your arrival with an extra charge.
  • Program designed for you to enjoy together, you just have to respect the rules of coexistence and safety for everyone's comfort.
  • Guests will be responsible for their pet's behavior. In case of any damage to the property or affectation to another guest or staff, the guest will be responsible and will pay accordingly.
  • For emotional support dogs, an extra cost also applies according to the conditions mentioned above.

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